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Do you want to study in the United States or travel to gain exposure and experience? Our exchange program is the right opportunity to help you kickstart your dreams. Make the most of our topnotch services.

What we Offer

Summer Work and Travel Exchange Program

Work and Travel USA is a United States Government program that allows foreign university students travel and work within the shores of the United States for many months. This program is run by the U.S. Department of State, and it boasts of approximately 100,000 participants between ages 18 and 28 annually

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admissions

College admissions in the United States refer to the process of applying for admission to institutions of higher education either for undergraduate or postgraduate studies at any of the nation’s colleges or universities.

Trainee and Internship Abroad

The current reality of this ever-changing world places experience on a higher pedestal than qualifications, the J-1 Trainee/Internship programs abroad provide an enormous opportunity to achieve indispensable work experience during college and after graduation.

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